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Plant of the Week: Conifers

Plant of the Week: Conifers

Super-reliable, versatile and easy-going, conifers are a great choice for all styles of garden. Whether it's clipped yew setting off formal herbaceous borders, minimalist needlepoint spears of Italian cypress marching through contemporary gardens, or a cone-bearing pine to provide food and shelter for wildlife, there's a conifer to suit you.

Not all are evergreen, or even have needles. The lovely maidenhair tree, Ginkgo biloba, has curious fan-shaped leaves which turn butter yellow before they fall in autumn. Others display extraordinary colours, like Korean fir with its steely-blue cones. Get to know this amazing family of plants and you could find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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Welcome to Stansted Park Garden Centre

Located in the South Downs National Park you will be hard pressed to find a Garden Centre in the UK in more picturesque surroundings.

A visit to the Garden Centre is not complete without visiting our neighbours at the Pavilion Tea Room, or a walk round the Historic Stansted House.

If local produce is your thing, our friends at the Farm shop can help with local produce, or enjoy a home baked Pizza before trying to conquer the Maze!

Relax on the lawn while the kids play on the new play centre, before a trip on the Railway....

A true day out which makes a change from the beach...

Town and Country Kneeler
Was £ 29.99
£ 14.99
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Incinerator Bin
Was £ 34.99
£ 17.99
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Expanding lawn rake
Was £ 9.99
£ 7.99
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Spring Bulbs

£2.49 or 3 for £5

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Plants for shade

Most gardens have a shady spot: a north-facing wall, perhaps, or under a tree, or in the shadow of a nearby building. Learn to love your shade: you'll find a world of new plants opens up, and you get a cool, pleasant nook to sit out of the heat of the day: perfect for enjoying an iced drink af…

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Rambling Roses

Renovation of rambling roses can start now. Cut some of the old woody branches to the ground. Keeping six young stems and tie in. Remove all dead, diseased and damaged stems and saw away any dead stumps to stop rot entering the plant.

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